Seek First: 21-Day Devotional

Seek First: 21-Day Devotional

Join Aaron and Jess Ninaber from Catch The Fire Church in Raleigh-Durham for a 21 Day Journey of devotions, prayers and actions. Each video has some bible verses prayer points and actions for you to follow in the descriptions.

Seek First: 21-Day Devotional
  • Seek First: 21-Day Devotional

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    Join Aaron and Jess Ninaber from Catch The Fire Church in Raleigh-Durham for a 21 Day Journey of devotions, prayers and actions. Each video has some bible verses prayer points and actions for you to follow in the descriptions.

  • Day 1 Seek First

    Your love for the Father is directly connected to your desire to
    seek Him. You cannot grow in love with somebody if you do not
    know them. Seek Him first in all things. Ask Him first in every
    situation. The Father wants to show you where to go as well as
    make sure you are prepared for the journey....

  • Day 2 Daily Bread

    Jesus, you satisfy me. The things of the world do not compare
    to You. You are my source of life. I need you daily. I cannot get
    through my day without You. Give me everything that I need to
    sustain myself for today. You give me a joy uncontainable and
    a love unstoppable. Fill me up until I overfl...

  • Day 3 Secret Place

    Countless times Jesus left the disciples to go spend time
    with His Father. Our Father wants to spend time with you. He
    values you so much that He wants to hear what you have to say.
    Create space to spend time with Him. Even if it is for a couple
    of minutes it is worth it. Our lives can be very bu...

  • Day 4 Forgiven

    We owe God everything because he paid our debt in full
    through Jesus Christ. Everything we have done or will ever do
    has been forgiven. The Father does not hold any grudges. It is
    forgiven. The only thing we are called to do in the Lord’s prayer
    is to forgive others. This forgiveness should be gr...

  • Day 5 Abba

    Abba, I belong to You. Thank You for being my perfect Father.
    Thank you for supporting me like nobody else. Thank You for
    forming me with absolute perfect intentions. I am loved by You.
    Holy and majestic are Your ways. I exalt You, Father, over every
    single thing in my life. You are worth my ador...

  • Day 6 The Perfect Shepherd

    A shepherd protects, feeds, and guides his sheep. Our Father is
    the perfect shepherd in our lives. He will leave the ninety-nine
    just to find you. Relax, everything will be okay. Our desire to want
    is pointless after we know Him. He knows everything we need
    and wants to take care of us. Just like...

  • Day 7 Dwell

    Everything is available, take what you want, My home is your
    home, My child. The door is always open. Come closer, find Me,
    I am worth it. Oh Lord, Your house is home to me. Let my desire
    be to dwell in Your house. I am accepted and welcome in Your
    presence. I do not want a visitation, I want a h...

  • Day 8 Just Go

    Go. I have filled you with an all-consuming fire that cannot
    be contained. I have kindled people’s hearts that need your
    flame. Be the spark, I will be the oxygen. I have put you in the
    environment you are in for a reason. When you change the
    thermostat the whole room notices. God wants you to wa...

  • Day 9 Enter His Gates

    Come on through. You are welcome in His presence. The veil is
    torn forever! We have total access to the Father in Heaven. Take
    the road less travelled. It is so worth it! Enter with thanksgiving
    and praise. He is worthy to be acknowledged and worthy to be
    adored. Show people the way. You are a le...

  • Day 10 Light of the World

    The light of the world lives inside of us and sometimes we hide
    it. We put it under a basket or we even put a blanket over it. You
    are the light of the world. Everyone is drawn to the life of Christ
    you live. When we follow Jesus it brings us out of darkness and
    into His marvelous light. A light ...

  • Day 11 Fear not

    Do not be afraid, fear not, or some variation of that is in the
    Bible over 100 times. Fear is the opposite of love. When
    you really look at fear it is operating in a lack of something.
    Sometimes a lack of knowledge, lack of strength, and a lack of
    trust. Look at David and Goliath, in any normal c...

  • Day 12 Kingdom Come

    Heaven lives in us because of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit
    wants to move in every moment of our lives. We are a pocket of
    Heaven. We are called to re-present Christ everywhere we go.
    There is no place that His love can’t reach. Nothing can stop us
    when God is on our side.
    How can I pre...

  • Day 13 Lead me

    You can just rest. Take a deep breath and breathe out all worry,
    anxiety, stress, and discomfort. Go to the green pasture with the
    Lord. Close your eyes and relax in His presence. Soak up the
    warmth of His love. Take time to truly just rest, not worry, and
    be stress-free. Let His peace restore yo...

  • Day 14 Living Sacrifice

    The beautiful exchange. You paid the debt that we owed and
    now we are free. Father, the creator who designed me, knows
    me best. Of course, I want to know Him more because He knows
    the end from the beginning. I have been designed for a purpose
    and He wants to show me. My life is yours. I am a new ...

  • Day 15 Overflow

    Let us come and feast. There is more than enough. Everyone
    is invited. Do not be satisfied with crumbs and drops of water.
    Hunger and thirst for Jesus! The one who made us righteous!
    He is our sustainer. The well that never runs dry. He is more than
    enough. Emulate Jesus to be satisfied. Pursue H...

  • Day 16 No Worries

    Why do we worry? Is it because of inadequacy, second-guessing,
    fear of man, or something else? The verses today hold the keys
    to overcoming worry. When we do not have it figured out, or it
    seems hopeless, just pray. Pray with a posture of gratitude and
    simply let the Lord know how you are feeling...

  • Day 17 Pursue

    A father loves to lavish his children with gifts. Abba wants to
    bless us more than we can ever ask, think, or imagine. We are
    blessed beyond measure. To pursue Him we need to ask where
    to go. To commit to His plans we need to knock with confidence.
    He wants to answer us with love. It might not be...

  • Day 18 Treasure Him

    We can gain the whole world and lose our soul. Materialism
    runs our culture, but we are called to be in the world and not of
    it. Where is your heart? Living for Jesus requires dying daily to
    the things of the world. When we sacrifice for Jesus we cultivate
    heavenly treasure. This treasure is not ...

  • Day 19 Dont Wait Just Reset

    If you are in a cycle of failure, it is not who you are. If you are in
    a place where there seems to be no escape it is not your home.
    Even if you deserve what is going on in your life, the Father does
    not desire that for you. There will always be trials and tribulations.
    It all depends on how you...

  • Day 20 Love More

    The greatest of these is love. Jesus dying for us was the
    greatest act of love in history. We are forever free from the
    stain of sin. Hallelujah! He deserves ALL of our love. Our
    affection, devotion, and attention needs to be centered on
    Jesus. It is impossible to love unless we know the Father. ...

  • Day 21 Beauty Shines Bright

    Thank you, Father, for seeing us as the light we are, not the
    darkness we are in. Stars shine the brightest on the darkest of
    nights. Your beauty is on full display in the darkest moments.
    You are my endless hope! The abundance of stars confirms your
    love for me! I can look up to the sky and smil...