Walking In Your Calling

Walking In Your Calling

Walking In Your Calling
  • Walking in Your Calling

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    At Catch The Fire Church in Toronto, we have been looking at our vision, mission, purpose and where we feel God is taking us as a church for the next 10-20 years! These videos help us to unpack, what it looks like to be a part of our local church, and the shared journey that we are all on together!

  • Lois & Martin Markovic

    In our “Walking in God’s Calling Series, we wanted to highlight the fantastic work that Martin and Lois do, along with the incredible team at Scott Mission. They are helping with the day-to-day needs of so many across the city of Toronto and are an integral piece of developing and innovating how...

  • Cory & Nadine Torgerson: Part 1

    In our “Walking in Your Calling" Series, we wanted to highlight the industry-shaking work of Cory and Nadine and their team at Sovereign MD. The work that they do, is a God-given dream that allows them to meet the real needs of people in their most vulnerable state, and begin to minister to thei...

  • Cory & Nadine Torgerson: Part 2

  • Sasha High

    Watch our most recently published video on our Vision for Catch The Fire Church, in Toronto. This time we interviewed Sasha High on “Walking in Your Calling”. In this episode, we want to highlight the way God works through Sasha to reach people's hearts and minds through a focus on excellence, co...

  • Sathiya Sam

    In this installment of our Walking in God’s Calling Series, we wanted to introduce you to Sathiya. Sathiya was most recently working as an Executive Assistant at Catch The Fire Church until he felt the need to ask God what was next. He went away and pressed into what God had for him, and he sai...