Real Life Podcast

Real Life Podcast

4 Episodes

Alice Spence, the youth leader for Forerunner Ministries and graduate from the Toronto School of Ministry, and Franklyn Spence founder of Forerunner Ministries discuss topics ranging from finding happiness to discovering your purpose. Alice and Franklyn don’t shy away addressing the things that really matter especially to today’s generation. With a sense of humour and friendly banter you will discover a Christian perspective that will make you think and perhaps even grow.

If you’re inspired by these series of discussions and would like to learn more about Forerunner Ministries check out our website below. If you would like to grow in your prophetic and intercession gifts, we invite you to find out more about our online teaching and mentoring program called God’s Masterclass. Here you can receive live, weekly, high-level training in the prophetic and prophetic intercession that will accelerate your spiritual growth. You will join a community that is growing together and a whole eco system of specialized courses in intercession, discernment, spiritual gifts and more. This is a level and quality of teaching that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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Franklyn has written two books on the prophetic and intercession both of which are in English or German translations as paperbacks or ebooks:

His first book ‘Breakthrough to a Supernatural Life’, Franklyn shares the stories in the God Encounters Season 1 series in greater detail along with a workbook that will help you to begin to hear from God for yourself.

In his second book ‘Point of the Spear’, Franklyn shares the incredible revelation God showed him regarding the critical importance of prophetic intercession in ushering in the next move of God.

Forerunner Ministries is a part of the Catch the Fire global network of churches and ministries. Franklyn serves as the Western Europe Regional Leader, and he also is the Prophetic and Intercession Catalyst leader for Leaders Alliance. Forerunner Ministries is based in Basel Switzerland.

Real Life Podcast