How To Grow In Your Spiritual Gifts

How To Grow In Your Spiritual Gifts

Your Pathway to go from being blocked, frustrated, and stuck into growth and fulfilment.

You already know God has an amazing plan for your life, and that includes equipping you with spiritual gifts as described in 1 Corinthians 12. You know that you want to grow in those gifts but you may not be getting the level of support or opportunities from your local church that you could. Perhaps they are not open to the Holy Spirit or even aware that this is an issue.
Is it possible to still grow in your gifts even in a less than ideal environment?

Yes it is and I'm going to show you how!
Don't stay stuck, and don't let other people limit your growth.

In this course I'll show you how to get yourself unstuck, unblocked and how to begin to move forward. I'll show you the number one barrier that I had to overcome, and that everyone I've known who has really grown in their gifts, has had to overcome this same barrier - and it's not what you think! In fact it's not even in your church!

Using 3 incredibly powerful questions, you will be able to see your spiritual gifts in a new light that will begin to liberate you from this barrier and get your spiritual life moving forward!
I'm going to take you right into the teachings of Jesus himself, to show you directly from scripture why you need to be growing, using and multiplying your spiritual gifts. It's not about emotionalism, getting hyped up, or being a holy roller, it's about how the Kingdom of God Operates. I'll show you the rewards of stepping into God's plan and also the consequences of letting fear stop you in your tracks.

You'll learn right from scripture the single most important element regarding spiritual gifts that you absolutely must get right according to the bible, for your gifts, no matter what those gifts are, to have an impact and eternal significance.

If you don't get this one element right, it doesn't matter how much you grow, how accurate you are, or even how strong your faith is, all your effort and success could amount to nothing, and your gifts could be disqualified!! So you really, really want to pay attention to this!
Hint: It's not faith, anointing or the ability to flow with the Holy Spirit!
By showing you how thinking differently and reframing how you use spiritual gifts, you will see how your gifts could be used in new ways and directions. So even if your church is 100% against the use of spiritual gifts you can still grow and not be in rebellion against leadership.
When it's time to have a chat with leadership about how God is moving in your life and how you are growing I'll show you what you need to think about BEFORE you sit down with your church leadership to discuss how your spiritual gifts could be used in the church or on a Sunday morning.

You can be prepared and confident that you are equipped to have an open and honest discussion with leadership that can open doors for the use of your gifts in your church. Learn the possible sticking points of church leadership beforehand that could be causing resistance and those might be things you haven't considered. Even leaders who are quite resistant to the idea of flowing with the Holy Spirit or find the use of spiritual gifts something difficult to understand could be open to some of these ideas about the use of spiritual gifts to benefit the church. By understanding the position your pastor is in can help you both to find new ways forward.

Finally there are critical do and don'ts that you need to take heed of to keep yourself on the narrow track for a lifetime of growth and freedom in the plans and purposes of the Lord.

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How To Grow In Your Spiritual Gifts