God Encounters

God Encounters

6 Episodes

Equipping You to Live an Extraordinary Christian Life

This video series will inspire you to take your relationship with God to a new level and build your hunger to encounter God in your life too.

If you’re inspired by these series of testimonies and would like to grow in your prophetic and intercession gifts, we invite you to find out more about our online teaching and mentoring program called God’s Masterclass. Here you can receive live, weekly, high-level training in the prophetic and prophetic intercession that will accelerate your spiritual growth. You will join a community that is growing together and a whole eco system of specialized courses in intercession, discernment, spiritual gifts and more. This is a level and quality of teaching that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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Franklyn has written two books on the prophetic and intercession both of which are in English or German translations as paperbacks or ebooks:

His first book ‘Breakthrough to a Supernatural Life’, Franklyn shares the stories in the God Encounters Season 1 series in greater detail along with a workbook that will help you to begin to hear from God for yourself.

In his second book ‘Point of the Spear’, Franklyn shares the incredible revelation God showed him regarding the critical importance of prophetic intercession in ushering in the next move of God.


Forerunner Ministries is a part of the Catch the Fire global network of churches and ministries. Franklyn serves as the Western Europe Regional Leader, and he also is the Prophetic and Intercession Catalyst leader for Leaders Alliance. Forerunner Ministries is based in Basel Switzerland.

God Encounters
  • The Audible Voice of the Lord - God Encounters

    Episode 1

    In our God Encounters series, Franklyn shares his hair-raising encounter with God when he heard the audible voice of the Lord at the age of 16 at a Christian summer camp. This supernatural encounter contradicted everything he had been taught to believe about God and threw him into emotional turmo...

  • The Infinity of God - God Encounters

    Episode 2

    In our God Encounters series, Franklyn shares the first time God took him into an open-eyed, 3D vision when he was 16 years old. This happened a week after he heard the audible voice of God (first video in this series) and it threatened to overturn everything he thought he knew about the Lord. Th...

  • The Love of God - God Encounters

    Episode 3

    In our God Encounters series, Franklyn shares how God responded to a “simple” question which he asked during his quiet time while working at a Christian summer camp. This is the third part of God’s response and please watch the first two videos of this series for the other two parts. God showed ...

  • Now You've Got a Name - God Encounters

    Episode 4

    In our God Encounters series, Franklyn shares the three dramatic supernatural encounters he had with the Lord when he was 16 years old and working at a Christian summer camp (watch the first three videos in this series). Several months after these dramatic encounters, God sends someone to Frankly...

  • You've Got the Wrong Guy - God Encounters

    Episode 5

    In our God Encounters series, Franklyn shares how he was quickly put to the test by the Lord after taking a decision to accept a spiritual gift that he had no idea what it was (watch video four in this series). God gave him three clear signs to confirm his request and hear how a teenaged Franklyn...

  • Who is your Jesus - God Encounters

    Episode 6

    In our God Encounters series, Franklyn shares how he was confronted with a life and death situation and a three-word command from the Lord which forced an internal spiritual battle and a crisis moment in his life. By the age of 17, he had already had dramatic supernatural encounters with God, bee...