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  • Creativity UnLocked 2024 – Full Conference

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    Creativity Unlocked is a Christian arts conference where CREATIVES gather to experience the divine partnering of creativity and faith. You’ll learn to: Discover God’s Heart for You and Your Art, Embrace Your Unique Creative Calling, Uncover the Roadblocks that have Held You Back, Experience God’...

  • See The Impossible - Freshwind Conference 2024

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    Matthew 17:20 — "Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

    This is your invitation to see the impossible. We invite you to come expectant, ready to witness God mo...

  • Revival 30: The Commissioning

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    In 1994, an unprecedented outpouring of God's spirit occurred in a small church in Toronto. In the years following, millions of people have travelled from all over the world to gather and experience the transformative presence of God. To commemorate the anniversary of the Toronto Revival, we are ...

  • Kingdom Business - Calling in the Marketplace

    4 seasons

    Whether you're a small business owner, entrepreneur, or an executive at a large corporation, this series of faith and business videos offers valuable insights and perspectives on how to incorporate your faith into your professional life.

  • Sent Ones - Catch the Fire Conference 2023

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    Welcome to Catch The Fire Conference 2023! We are so excited to walk into something fresh with you this year as the Holy Spirit leads us and guides us into encounters with Him that will transform us and our communities. Join us 28-30 September 2023 for fresh revelation, encounter, and passion for...

  • Adventures with Far Flung

    1 season

    Welcome to Far Flung. We are a unique crew of creatures working together to share the news of Yeshua, the great lion who saves. As we travel the world, we grow in his word along the way. Join us as we traverse the hot Savannah,
 trek the frozen tundra, and navigate dense jungles. So pack your bag...

  • Adventures With Far-Flung - A New Day | Season 1 Episode 1

    Kyle the Otter is scrambling at the Far-Flung TreeTop Headquarters. It's just too much to do for one otter! But Yeshua is a good God and he has a plan to send others to be a part of this initiative to spread the Gospel around the world And the first would be Jeremy the Raccoon.


  • Far-Flung Tin Can Season 1 | Episode 1 Forget The Gifts (The Amazon)

    In this episode, the entire organization sails for days down the Amazon rivers for ministry campaigns in river villages. Diving into teams, they minister the Gospel with unique approaches.

    :34 Start
    1:21 Jeremy vs. Bats?!
    4:17 How we slept
    5:00 The Downpour
    7:45 Spend time with Celia
    12:13 The C...

  • 2022 Mission Highlights

    A massive thank you to everyone who sowed into the mission of Catch The Fire this year.

    Be an important part of all that the Lord is doing in the nations in 2023 by becoming a World Changer today!

    Together let’s change lives by sowing God’s love into nation...

  • Into The Fire with Duncan and Kate Smith

    1 season

    Welcome to Duncan and Kate Smith's podcast! We invite you to join them as they invite powerful spiritual leaders from around the world that share everything from testimonies, to prophetic words, to life transforming things that they are seeing the Lord do every day! We hope this podcast challenge...

  • Ignite TV
    24 items

    Ignite TV

    24 items

  • God Encounters

    1 season

    Equipping You to Live an Extraordinary Christian Life

    This video series will inspire you to take your relationship with God to a new level and build your hunger to encounter God in your life too.

    If you’re inspired by these series of testimonies and would like to grow in your prophetic and inte...

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